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About Us

In Good Hands Massage Therapy is a long time dream come true. Gina Shaver got into massage therapy out of high school in 2005 in New Jersey. She moved to North Carolina with her family and her to be husband in 2007. After working in multiple massage practices, she opened a small practice out of a basement office where she called her home away from home for five years. 

Gina's dream was to open Gate City Wellness Center and In Good Hands Massage Therapy to work with other amazing massage therapists and wellness professionals. She believes that every single massage should be the best massage the client has ever had. She works hard to listen to her clients' needs and design each massage specifically for that appointment. 


"Gina is very knowledgeable about muscles and nerves. She identifies my problem areas and is able to make a huge difference in my movement and relieve my pain."


Body Massage
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